Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Holidays: Part 1

I am going to re-ignite Diary of A Wanna-Be Green Girl with a weekly series of holiday tips. The first one came to me today while I was coupon clipping. Old newspapers! Not only are they great for cleaning your windows with your water + white vinegar green window cleaner (Find the recipe in an archive post from Feb. of 2009 HERE) - but I had 3 papers, ... which gave me 3 comic sections... and actually, by surprise got a double of comics in one! So I had 4 comic pages - I can easily wrap 4 medium sized gifts (like books, cds, jewelry, candles etc) practically for free. All you really have to do is use 2 coupons from the paper to earn back what you paid for the paper (at most!) - and you can wrap for free.... think about if you start saving now? You have 6 weeks, 6 more Sunday papers to collect your cute and colorful comic strip gift wrap! Once they rip the present open, it can easily be put into your fireplace as starter, or into your recycle bin - which is where it would have went had you not saved it to wrap with! I'm not sure if regular gift wrap is able to be recycled because of the coating.... and I know it can be toxic to burn! This is not a new concept. People have been wrapping with newspaper forever! It's different though when you make a concious effort to say, "this holiday season I can save a butt-load by using what I already have!!"