Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bread Wars

We have bread wars in the home. I love whole wheat bread... the very healthy kind and pretty much my husband just wants the plain old white Wonder Bread...He always has to compromise... because the kids and I beat him 3 to 1 on the bread issue. The kids will eat bread without discriminating on color... it's just bread right?

However, I just noticed a BOGO free endcap at Harris Teeter and caught the side that was labeled largely "NO HFC"... so I took notice. In big letters it says "NEW!" and it's Arnold 100% Natural Whole Grain White (they also had wheat)...I spend too much time in the bread isle looking for healthy "white" bread ... w/out HFC... that is not made with bleached flour and I think my search has ended and I found it! Most importantly it's good... really good! The side of the bag is marked $2.79/loaf... so good price ... most importantly good ingredients. Our bread war is now over! Thank you Arnold!

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*~*Lauren*~* said...

I LOVE this stuff....I'm the only one in my family that likes wheat bread, so I'm the one that always gets out numbered. But with this stuff - they don't even know. *shhhh*