Saturday, October 25, 2008

My last package of baby wipes...

When I began to cloth diaper a year ago, I also began with trying to only use cloth wipes. I am not sure why - but I did not stick to it... and looking back now feel a little guilty. I wonder how many wipes I have gone through this past year? I would have saved a lot of money as well as landfill space. I have gathered all of my old baby washcloths and old fleece baby blankets. I grabbed one more fleece baby blanket from the dollar section at Target tonight and have created a great little collection of cloth wipes. For wipe solution I am going with the "Fruit N Veggie" wipe solution recipe:
Fruit 'n' Veggie
1 teaspoon fruit or vegetable-based oil (apricot, olive, grapeseed)
1 tablespoon vegetable-based soap (Dr. Bronner's liquid castile)
1 cup water
1-2 Drops of Tea Tree Oil
I am also going to use the help of a wipe warmer... so I'll have my cloth wipes and several premade bottles of wipe solution (so as not to confuse my husband about what is to go on the'll be made for him ahead of time!)... and then soak each set in the wipe warmer so they are ready for use! It's not much extra work because I am already doing a load of cloth diapers every other morning - and actually more convenient because I can wrap the cloth wipes in the cloth diapers instead of a trip to the I am on my last pack of wipes... and that makes me proud. Better late than never!

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