Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Magazine Mayhem!

I am obsessed with reading tabloid magazines. I love them. I really could look at them and reread them a million times... and I really do! I honestly probably have about 50 of them in my house right now. A new "set" from the 50 I read before. Those mags usually run from 1.99-3.99 a pop too! Ouch! Don't worry. I haven't spent a cent... and NO I haven't swiped them from the local Great Clips or Dr.'s office! My stepmom is in love with these magazines as I am. When she found out we shared this "love", she immediatley asked if I would enjoy getting them from her when she was done. Since then we have this magazine hand-me-down thing going pretty nicely. I don't care if they are from Dec. 2008 or last week honestly. People, Rolling Stone, In Style. I love them all. Sharing these mags not only saves $$ but it saves trees, and gives these mags a 2nd life! Not just a 2nd life in my case.... they are at least getting 3rds because my boss also loves them. So they are being passed from reader to reader... and hopefully when the last photo spread of Hugh Jackman has been turned, they will go into one of the dozens of paper/mag/phonebook recycle bins in every parking lot in the Center Grove School District. So next time you see that issue of Cosmo in the checkout lane.... text that girlfriend of yours. She's probably already bought it. Pass it around. Spread the love, save a buck, save the Earth!

Photo Caption - This is really my pile of magazines as of right now!! I've read every single one? Anyone up for some reading?! :)


Sandy Wade said...

sounds great! Just don't let them pile up in your house when you're definitely done with them! Give them to someone else who will love them!

sleepinl8 said...

Like me! I'll also take your poisoned Shrek cups, if you don't mind sharing the love.... haha