Saturday, June 5, 2010

Toxic Shrek Glasses

So as the excitement of the new Shrek Glasses emerged in our household. We have been making special trips there (McDonald's) in order to collect them all. So far we have Shrek, Fiona, and Puss in Boots. All we need now is Donkey, but it seems as though we won't ever be able to make our collection complete. To be more specific, we will lose them all together because yesterday, June 4th, they were all recalled due to cadmium being present in the paint. Cadmium is found in nature, very toxic, and used to make red and yellow paint. I found it very annoying that the McDonald's website has a Q&A about this recall, and begins every answer with "they are not toxic".. well yes they are Mr. Ronald McDonald.  I don't think my kids will be too sad about having to go get a refund (as soon as they actually release HOW to get your money back on the glasses), because just as I sat the glasses down to take the picture of them for this blog entry, my daughter was freaking out telling me, "Don't touch them!" and "they'll make you sick mom!"....You know we all go there expecting, at our own risk, to be poisoned by McDonald's food..... you wouldn't think you'd carry the same risk buying some collectible glasses!

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sleepinl8 said...

Haha, well at least it wasn't a sitch where your kids were devastated. they seemed to understand pretty damn good lol