Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Baby's Getting Some PIZZA!!!!!

Poor Joel is always getting all the toppings ripped off of his pizza just so he can enjoy a slice with the rest of us. Pizza (the easy dinner) definitley isn't easy in our home. Daddy is a huge carnivore, Joel can't have any dairy products due to his lactose intollerance and I am a vegetarian. We literally need 4 different pizzas because Skylar is sure to be difficult as most 5 year old do!! Tonight is Joel's night. I was super excited to find this at SuperTarget here in Greenwood. My baby's getting some pizza tonight!

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*AmAndA & NAthAn* said...

I just wanted to add that this pizza was absolutley DELICIOUS!!! I know all you out there won't believe me, but it tasted exactly like a regular cheese pizza. Maybe even better. Bravo for Amy's Soy Cheeze Pizza!!!!