Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You don't no stinkin' dryer!

Considering it hasn't gotten above 30 degrees in the last 3 months, hanging up your wet clothes to dry on a clothesline will probably make some denim popcicles before giving you nice dry clothes. And unless you have a private yard with something to tie a line to, it also can be pretty tricky. A clothesline isn't usually an option in an apartment complex either. So with the bad weather, apartment living, and a broken dryer our family has made do, improvised, and realize the energy stealing appliance is completely unnecessary! All you need is an extra shower curtain rod and you can turn a small bathtub area into a perfect place to hang your wet clothes to dry. We have been dryer-less for 3 months now. Another upside is, once you hang the wet clothes up, once dry, they are already on hangers, no folding needed,...and a side bonus - no wrinkled clothes you forget to get out of the dryer and no static cling! You can also avoid the poisonous dryer sheets that so many use. So if you don't have the weather/sun to hang outdoors, the space, or your apartment rules ban the use of a clothesline, you can still go greener, ditch that dryer and drip those clothes dry! You can also count on your clothes shrinking less and lasting longer, which will also save you money long-term. The environment and your pocketbook will thank you!

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